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Ratjayadopts money here.
This is for ratjayadopts to transfer her money to paypal
Head shots
Dominic by ratjay
Jade Harley by ratjay
Head shots of your OCs that I can get done pretty quickly
Half Body Painting
True form of Angela by ratjay
Half body paintings of your ocs. Can be human or monster like the example.
Full and semi-full sketches
Idfk by ratjay
Arm Cross Practice by ratjay
Satyr by ratjay
Quick sketches which will be changed to black instead of random colors like they are here.
Pixel Pony
Pixel by ratjay
These are cute little page ponies. They can be any species you want, but these will take a while to do.
Pony Bust
Cali Role by ratjay
Angel Lace by ratjay
Lineless Bust Trans by ratjay
Little busts either lineless or black lines. Words not part but it will be transparent if you wish.
Human bust
Untitled by
This coloring style takes a lot of time, so this will cost more than some others. Sorry about this guys! 
MLP Reference sheets
Prosis Ref by ratjay
Ref Sheet By Ratjayadopts-d7hrgdr by ratjay
Cali Role by ratjay
The number of views will vary depending on what you want but it'll be the same price. You will for sure get: right side view, left side, close up of the cutie mark, the pallet for the pony (Which I forgot on Cali's and Prosis's here), and one of veiw (Be it another full body of them at a different age or just a bust is up to you.



Faces of the world by ratjay
Faces of the world
Crazy How my one alicorn has went from over saturated piece of shit to what she is now. But lets get this started! These are the major "Players" in my mlp world. 
1) Captain Davvy Jones, The Aquaticorn. He lives a life of freedom with his crew, who range from earth ponies to aquatic ponies. He's fairly calm with them, but does not believe in letting people jeopardize their safety on stupid things. They interact mostly with The Cavalier Empire and Mechrotropolis, with some minor ties to the Swift Wing Tribe. 

2) Lady Athens, Mechrotropolis. She is the rather reclusive leader of the land who's main drive is to advance science as much as possible. Her rare appearences usually involve meetings with other leaders, though most of the ones with the Empire end with some yelling. Otherwise her subjects see her children more than her.

3) King Andras, Stamid. He actually isn't a true king, just a man with more than enough land for his 'subject' to live on. His subject are all ponies like him, who aren't considered 'normal' by others, or who have been displaced by the Empire's constant warring. Andras is rather down to earth, and does raise objections with the title he has been given by the others. Though it does let him talk to Lady Athens, which he doesn't mind. 

4) Consuls Alexander and Maximus, The Cavalier. Okay I have totally rewitten what happened to them that I said earlier. This pair actually were adopted by the founder of the Empire, Romulus after he never married and had children of his own despite wanting them. When the pair grew old enough and their deeds are well known through out the empire, the pair manage to become Consuls in their own right, with Alexander leading the land to love culture while Maximus plans military strategy for their army.

5) Cheiftess Knasgowa (Heron), The Swift Wing tribe*. She is extremely caring to the people who are under her care. Knasgowa rarely touches the ground and is constantly watching for strangers, due to her fear of the other groups sneaking up and attacking them for 'invading' their land. Her biggest interaction with the outside world is The Draquoniks, mostly pointing them in the right direction of their dragon. 

6) Obsidian Flame, The Draquoniks. Her entire group easily goes between the boarders of the group, and due to their mixed races in the group along with their neutrality unless payed well. She rather is quiet usually only barking orders, though she does like to go out of her way to talk to the Swift Wing Tribe. 

*The Swift Wing tribe is heavily based on the Cherokee tribe, but due to issues in being able to research there will be influences from other tribes at times.
The twins, Maximus and Alexander by ratjay
The twins, Maximus and Alexander
So I got these two cuties from FalsusEquus . I did change the hair Alexander had but otherwise all the same. 

While both of the brothers are fighters, Maximus is obviously the stronger of the two, ending up with a more muscular build than his brother. But in what Alexander lacks in brawn he makes up for in charm. He usually is the more talkative of the pair, flirting and avoiding fights when he can. Which is where he gets his cutie mark, a pair of olive branches to symbolize peace. Not that he is that peaceful, he's the louder and more rambunctious of them when it comes to their behavior over all. Maximus got his due to his strength and his still with fighting, and to symbolize it, he has a bundle of spears. The pair usually is happy just goofing off though, so they're usually off drinking and relaxing. 
Pirate Pony Ask blog by ratjay
Pirate Pony Ask blog
I decided to try again with an ask blog, this time for my new OC Bearings. The blog can be found here: I really need some questions for him to answer!    
StW: Mutant app. by ratjay
StW: Mutant app.
Just a quick application I did for the survive the wastes roleplay group!
Name:: Matt
Class:: Mutant
Gender:: Male
Age::  20
Height:: 5 foot 9
Weight:: 115 LB
Personality:: very timid, will warn before attacking, is very slow to warm up to people and will cut off communications quickly if he gets upset with a person. 
History:: Matt's lived alone most of his life. His Parents, while both mutants, died of radiation poisoning when he was about 10. His age is only his guess on it, since some people he's ran into over time would ask. He usually stays fair away from ruins as possible, mostly to avoid raiders
Extra::  Blind in right eye, because of such he has no depth perception.


Strength:: 6
Perception:: 5
Endurance:: 7
Charisma:: 2
Intelligence:: 5
Agility:: 5

Method Of RP :: All works

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