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April 18, 1775

  Arthur sent his redcoats to attack Massachusetts. From what I can tell from the report I got, Iggy was trying to the destroy the weapons Massachusetts was holding on to.
  Luckily someone warned that kid. He was ready for them with a small militia. Heh, militia, that's a funny word. Maybe I should call the dudes minutemen? Still a funny sounding. But back on track, Massachusetts' little group militia of sixty against England's thousand? It's lucky he's alive. I've put the letter report Massachusetts sent me.

  England attacked Lexington just a few minutes ago. I was there, ready for those lobster backs. From what we can tell we lost eight men. The weapons are safe still, so don't panic. No one knows who shot first, which means we're safe from blame, right? I'll be back soon, with no fighting and scratch free. Just you wait!
Your son,
Massachusetts (Also known as Benjamin)


  I just got another letter from Massachusetts. Those stupid redcoats attacked him again! I'm just glad he was better prepared this time. His letter tells what happen better than what I could summerize.

  Sorry, guess I lied. That bastard, England had them attack again on my way through Concord. I had few hundred men, but those red coats didn't lose any men at Lexington. So we were outnumbered. Again.
  But the real reason I say I lied was because during the fight something hit me. No clue what, but it left a good sized gash. Pretty sure it'll scar, but who knows? I won the fight at least!

  Knowing that kid, he probobly got drunk after writing this. He deserves it this time. Either that or figured out some knew way to make Iggy's spells look tame.
Told ya I would do it, didn't I? It's told from America's POV because it's his journal. By vote from the same classmates who gave us Bartholomew the Moose, it starts right at the first battle of the Revolutionary War. What's really sad is that I asked three people where Lexington and Concord was and got three answers: Massachusetts, Virginia and Connecticut.
I'm going to get my old U.S. History teacher to give me his power points so I have all the info that I didn't take notes on. Mostly from the fact I stared at my notes for five minutes trying to figure out who the Green Mountain Boys were.

Massachusetts- Red head (with green eyes) who is usually drunk, bad driver, usually fighting with New York over baseball. Really into magic. The gash will scar like he said, but won't disappear until England and America are on good terms again.

Did you know that even though Massachusetts is the newest of the characters that I've created, he's already a favorite? Weird.

There's a picture of all the colonies up in my scraps here: [link]

I don't own Hetalia. (Wish I did)
I don't own the U.S. history. (Heck no)
I don't own you.
I only own Benjamin and the writing.
nevershoutelric Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my God this is so cool!! :dummy: I would definitely read more...

is there more...?
ratjay Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Still working on the next one. I'm picking up the flashdrive with all my files up tomorrow from my teacher so it'll be up pretty soon.
nevershoutelric Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay cannot wait!! :D
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